Glenn Wilson and Rory Stuart  will be touring in your area in Fall 2024, and would like to do a clinic and performance at your school.  In 2023 alone, we have already done clinics and/or performances at U. of Georgia, U of Central Florida, Florida A&M, Kennesaw State University, South Cobb High School, Lovett School of the Arts, U of Illinois, Eastern Illinois U., Southern Illinois U., Western Kentucky U., Ohio State U., Ohio Northern U., and Western Illinois U. 

Described by Jazz Times as "Perhaps THE most innovative straight-ahead jazz guitarist to emerge in years,” Rory is a NY-based jazz guitarist and composer listed as one of the greatest living jazz guitarists by Scott Yanow (“The Great Jazz Guitarists”). Glenn Wilson, described by All Music Guide as "an unsung hero in modern jazz," has worked with The Buddy Rich Band, Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, Tito Puente, Machito, Bruce Hornsby, and many others. Both Glenn and Rory have led critically acclaimed groups, have recorded together (including a duo CD, Bittersweet) and toured extensively. 

We'd also like to tell you about an exciting new jazz opportunity: as part of our Fall 2024 tour, we can come and perform a concert with your jazz band . While we are happy to perform on charts of your choosing, we are also offering to perform our original charts with them, and to write a new arrangement commissioned by you, just for your band! 

Here are the things we're offering, and the prices for each: 

Clinic: Rory and Glenn are also noted educators: Glenn was Director of Jazz at Illinois Wesleyan University, and taught at the University of Illinois; Rory designed and taught the rhythm curriculum at New School University, wrote the recently published 6-volume book series on rhythm ( that NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman said has set "the standard for future research on rhythm” and is twice recipient of Fulbright Scholar Awards. The clinic can focus on anything from giving feedback to your ensembles to working with students on rhythm exercises (a specialty of Rory's), to a Q&A on the music business (a specialty of Glenn's), to improvisation, composition, musical interaction, and the art of the duo. Another possibility is to keep the clinic open and touch on several of these areas, based on the needs and interests of the students. 

Duo Concert: Glenn and Rory perform a concert with our unique bari sax/guitar duo, first recorded more than 30 years ago ("Bittersweet" on Sunnyside), still the only bari/guitar duo we've heard of! 

Guest Performance: Glenn Wilson and Rory Stuart will perform as guest artists in a concert with your students. 

Original Charts: We will give you scores and parts to our original big band compositions and arrangements, and can perform them as featured guests with your students. (You can keep and continue to perform these charts with your students after our concert as guest artists.) 

Commissioned Chart: We will write a custom chart commissioned just for your band. You tell us instrumentation, and which students you'd like featured. We can compose an original piece for you or arrange an existing piece of your choice; you let us know any other preferences (rhythmic style, tempo, etc.). We will arrange this so that your students can perform it both with us as guest artists and subsequently in a student-only group, will provide a score and formatted parts, and will credit it as commissioned by your school.  

Multi-day Residency: Residency can be on campus or with local travel (e.g. on a recruiting trip).  Price can be negotiable depending on our tour schedule/number of days, on campus, etc.

Duo concert/clinic: 
Package #1: Duo Concert plus Clinic/Workshop/Master Class/Lecture: $1,200 
Package #2: Clinic/Workshop/Master Class/Lecture only: $700 
Package #3: Duo Concert only: $700 

Guest Residency/performance: 
Package #4: Guest Residency/Performance (on your charts): $6,000 
Package #5: Guest Residency/Performance and Original Charts: $6,500 
Package $6: Guest Residency/Performance, Original Charts and one Commissioned Chart: $8,000 

Commissioned chart only: 
Package #7 Commissioned chart only (no guest performance): $1,800 

We would be happy to work with you by phone/Zoom to help you best determine what will meet your needs of you and  your students.